Alternative POP / ROCK

IVØRY BLACK, an Indiana native, born under the name of Devin Miclette, grew up in a troubled childhood and was given up for adoption at the age of 4 to only be adopted by a family that later rejected Devin for their gender identity. IVØRY ran away from home at the age of 15 and traveled while performing in coffee shops and small venues to finally find home in Kansas City MO. This Alternative Rock/Pop singer-songwriter who started writing music at the age of 14 captures the hearts of young and old with geniously composed songs and powerful lyrics driven from painful life stories that relate to so many. While working at Sonic in 2015, IVØRY met Keenan Franklin (Bassist) and formed their first band. With a looping act consisting of layers of soaring vocals, back vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, bass and electronic drums to make a full band sound, they surprise crowds everywhere, just as the song Ready Get Set "blow this roof off" lyrics say. As the first KC artist to come out as Non Binary Gender, IVØRY BLACK has gained the respect and support from local, regional, some national and international radio stations, TV such as PBS/KCPT who featured IVØRY BLACK several times for their music and touching life story. It's no wonder that they were chosen as one of the best KC bands to open for MISSIO & Colony House in Aug 2017 for the X1051 Music Alley Series. Following their 2018 release of their first album Compound Love, adding a cleverly engineered laser light show to their performances, they will be touring the USA, Canada and Europe and while keeping their sense of humor, upbeat and catchy songs and unending hard work, they focus on their goal to share their music all over the world.