Alternative POP / ROCK

IVØRY BLACK, born in Illinois and currently residing in Kansas City MO is a rising Independent Alternative Rock /Pop singer songwriter that has made a popular name in the music scene. Drawing from passionate life stories to pens songs listeners can relate to, coming out of the Midwest with a troubled childhood with fresh/life lasting wounds, fuels energy and creative control with valleys and peaks of instrumental sounds IVØRY BLACK adds to each uniquely styled composition.  The superbly produced singer incorporates some bluesy and alternative pop rock influences and is a remarkably compelling front person.  IVØRY’s first single ‘Ready Get Set’ has a mix of influences with elegantly mixed hives of soaring vocals, sparse synthesizers and a searing lead guitar that makes it a fun and likable experience.

Influences are: Eric Clapton, Stone Temple Pilates, The Beatles, The Black Keys, The Doors, BØRNS, BJORK to name a few.

Most of the attention that IVØRY has received in recent months focuses on their status as a person with a non-binary gender identity. They made a case for themselves as musician worth watching in many popular KC venues with continued request to return for more shows. Their looping act impresses many listeners as IVØRY loops layers of guitars, beats, vocals and sound effects right there in front of the crowd, building up a big sound that brings out a full band affect.

’If KT Tunstall had a sibling from the Midwest, I sense that IVØRY BLACK would come close to first in the running. Why? As far as technique goes with mixing various applications while playing guitar, layers of vocals, valleys and peaks that show off each accent towards IVØRY BLACK’s empire of sound. That is even while adding in a small snippet of electronic tinge without becoming an electronica based musician.’ Newsroom.indiemunity.com 2015

IVØRY BLACK is currently working on the 2017 release of their first album and a music video for the release of ‘Good Changes’, one of the singles on the album. With popularity growing and vast recognition by social media, IVØRY is the first KC artist to be featured by Flatland-KCPT’s Digital Magazine and Mixtapes & Mixology Podcast, supported by The Bridge 90.9 for the Cocktail vs artist series. https://youtu.be/GqfRhPmyHrg, and was chosen as finish line band to perform at the 2016 Susan G Komen Run for the Cure Race and many more.

As Non-Binary Trans, IVØRY offers her support and talent to the LIKEME LikeHouse LGBT Community www.LIKEMELighthouse.org and took the stage during their first 2016 Teen Prom with a return performance in 2017. But it doesn’t stop here. They support KCPride, Gay Pride Bow Ties @gaypridebowties and more.